Mid-Michigan Pet Expert Talk Show

Get pet news, facts, and advice from real experts. Airs live on Saturdays at 9am.

Mid-Michigan's Pet Expert Talk Show (PETS) is a weekly broadcast about the wonderful world of animals and pets, hosted by Rick Pruess & Lee Cohen.

The show airs on Saturday morning at 9am on WILS. Or, you can check out past episodes below.

Past Shows

The Global Pet Expo

The Global Pet Expo

We were live at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. So much to see, do, and discuss!

Emergencies at the Zoo

Emergencies at the Zoo

Cynthia Wagner, the Zoo Director at Potter Park Zoo joins Rick and Lee to discuss handling emergencies at zoos.

Dog Biting & How to Prevent It

Dog Biting & How to Prevent It

Dawn Pizzoferrato, Dog Trainer at Annabelle''s and Arrow Dog Training discusses how to prevent biting. Rick explains how to care for fish during a power outage.

A Dog's Body Language

A Dog's Body Language

Rick and Lee are joined by Hector Hernandez, owner of First Class Dog Training to discuss a dog's body language.

How Tropical Fish Can Save the Amazon Rainforest

Scott Dowd, Conservation Bilogist with the New England Aquarium and Executer of Project Piaba discusses tropical fish and the rainforest. Sandy Moore, President of Segrest Farms in Florida also joins the show.

Raising Your Puppy

Kirbay Preuss and her Great Dane, Bruce, joins Rick, Lee, and Kathleen Goodman - author of Puppy Possibilities - to discuss raising your puppy.

The Westminster Dog Show

AKC Judge, Breeder and former MSU professor Sue Sellers Rose joins the show with Rick, Lee, and David Frie - the Host of the Westiminster Dog Show.

The Capital Area Humane Society


The Human Animal Bond

Rick, Lee, and Dr. Mark Williamson are joined by Dr. Alan Beck from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine to discuss the Human-Animal Bond

Salmon & the Great Lakes

Rick & Lee commemorate the 50th anniversay of the introduction of salmon into the Great Lakes with former DNR Director, Dr. Howard Tanner.

Wild Birds

Rick & Lee are joined by Kirby Adams, editor of Michigan Birds and Natural History and Bill Thompson III, publisher of Bird Watchers Digest. Also, Lisa Bashline from Van Atta's.

Clean Water

Rick & Lee discss the water crisis in Flint. Dr. Mark Williamson talks about the importance of clean water for your pet.

Ingham Animal Control

Rick & Lee are joined by John Dinon, the new Executive Director of Ingham County Animal Control.

Salt Water Fish & the Coral Reef

Steve Oberg, Manager of the Aquatic Department at Preuss Pets discusses salt water fish and coral reefs.

Exotic Vets & Breeders

Dr. Wayne Beasley of Cedar Creek Veterinary and Carol Bergmann of Darbydale Kennels join the show with Rick & Lee.

Service Dogs in Michigan

Former Marine Eric Calley and his service dog, Sun, join the show to discuss service dogs. Jolanthe Bassett, head of the Michigan Division for Guardian Angles Medical Service Dogs also joins the show.

The Global Pet Expo

Broadcasting from the Global Pet Expo, Rick & Lee are joined by Marjie Niblack and Alan Rosenberg from Coastline Global. Also, appearances by Joey Herrick, founder of the Lucy Pet Foundation & Natural Balance Pet Foods, Kirbay Preuss, and Jamie Popper from Blue-9 and FitPaws.

Mosqitos & Pets

Dr. Michael Kaufman from MSU's Entomology Department joins Rick, Lee, and Dr. Mark Williamson to discuss the impact of mosquitos on your pets.

Vet Dentistry

Dr. Ben Colmery from Dixboro Veterinary joins the show to discuss your pet's dental care.