A Lifetime of Learning. A Lifetime of Fun.

From in-store events to on-site events and beyond, we're committed to building a community committed to care.

Compassion. Responsibility. And, of Course, Fun!

Our commitment to eduation and healthy human-animal relationships starts at the store and extends to our local community. Get involved today!

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To learn more, schedule a tour, or schedule a birthday party, you can always call us at 517-719-4085 or visit the store!


From in-store parties to on-site presentations, we love sharing our mission – and our animals – with you!

On-Site Presentations

We love having visitors to our store to meet our pets, our staff, and our family. To schedule a time to have your group visit our store, click the button below.

We take the safety of you and our animals very seriously, so be sure to check out our ground rules before booking your party!

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Off-Site Presentations

We love going to schools and other places in the community share our animals and our mission of fostering healthy, happy relationships. If you’d like to request us to come to your school or location, just click on the button below and one of our team members will reach out to you.

Also, because we take the safety of you and our animals very seriously, make sure you check out our ground rules before requesting your event!

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Ground Rules

We take your safety – and the safety of our animals – very seriously. So, there are a few ground rules you should know:

  • We will ask that you use hand sanitizer before and after handling the animals.
  • Animals have feelings, just like us! To ensure the animals feel safe, we ask that everyone stay quiet and calm throughout the presentation.

Birthday Parties

We love kids! And we love birthdays! In fact, we’re so thrilled you thought of us to host your birthday party that we’ve dedicated a whole section to it. Click below to learn more.

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Questions We Often Get...

How Much Do You Charge for On-Site Visits?

On-site presentations start at $100 for a full hour for groups up to 20 people. Beyond that, we charge $2/additional group member. To learn more, give us a ring at 517-719-4085.

How Much Do You Charge to Come to Us?

Off-site presentations start at $200 for a full hour. Please make sure that there are sinks nearby, so we can wash hands. If not, we’ll bring hand sanitizer for you and your crew. To learn more, give us a ring at 517-719-4085.

Do You Do Tours?

Yup. To schedule one, give us a call at 517-719-4085 or click the button below.

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Give the Gift of Preuss!

Don't Take Our Word for it...

"Jason and the gang in Reptiles have been extremely helpful over the years, advising me on putting together the best habitat for my snake. When my aging cat need to be switched up to a better wet food, there was someone to point me towards a few brands. I love that there is always a staff person who knows where to find the information I need whenever I have questions."

Mjit RaindancerStahl via Facebook

"I brought my daughter in today on her 3rd birthday to pick out a beta fish. The employee that helped us was phenomenal, she cutely decorated the bag for the fish, a group of employees sang happy birthday to her, and they gave us the castle for the fish tank for free for her birthday. I couldn't be happier with our service! Thank you for helping to make her birthday so great!"

Laura Smith via Facebook

"Went in today to get some fish to restock My African Cichlid tank and was more than impressed with the selection of not just fish but anything else you can think of for aquariums. The employees are very friendly, helpful, patient and more than happy to answer all questions that I had for them. This is the place I have been looking for. They have my business for years to come for sure. Wish I could remember the name of the guy who helped me. He was great! Thank you for the great service and what a beautiful store. See you again soon!"

Richard LaFramboise via Facebook

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